Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Collected the last two dividend payments for 2014 today!  Ended the year ahead of schedule on dividend income.  My goal was to double income every year for 10 years.  This year was more than double 2013, so I'm a little ahead of schedule for 2015.  

The two dividends today from AOD and EGAS also made December the best month of the year as far as total dollars collected.  Not sure whether the dividend from EGAS was for this month or January 2015, but they paid it today so I'm counting it on 2014.  Either way, total dividend income was still above my target level.  This is just the second year, so I expect it to be relatively easy to double income for at least the next 3 years.  After that it will take greater cash investments on my part instead of relying on reinvested dividends alone.  

Had to work today and will be working early tomorrow morning, so I won't be celebrating New Year's Eve.  But I'm planning a traditional New Year's Day dinner for tomorrow evening.  Could use some good luck in the new year.

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