Sunday, December 7, 2014


Once again UVE has announced a special dividend for shareholders of record as of 12/05/2014.  In addition to their regular dividend of 10 cents per share, each shareholder will receive a special dividend of 15 cents per share, payable December 15, 2014!

I'm especially excited with this stock since it's one of my "free stocks."  I purchased a stake in UVE quite some time ago and sold enough shares after the price rose to take out all my original cash investment, essentially making the remaining shares free.  Since then I've reinvested all dividends to let the money ride and have been quite happy with their performance.  The stock has a current target price of $22 per share, but I have no plans to sell at any price.  As long as the dividend continues, this will be one of my core holdings.  I've made money on UVE several times in the past, buying low and selling high, but I've always been pleased with the dividends.  No matter what happens, at this point I've made so much profit from this stock that I could lose all of my current investment and I'd still be ahead.

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