Monday, December 29, 2014


Still disillusioned by the 1 for 4 reverse stock split of CLM and CRF even though I think it could be better for both in the long run.  However, I've decided not to throw good money after bad and will be taking future dividends in cash.  I'll hold my positions for now and see how they perform going forward.

For the new year, I've decided to beef up my investments with mostly dividend aristocrats.  I've put in an order to purchase shares of Aflac, which brings me back up to a 20 stock portfolio.  I already hold stakes in other dividend aristocrats like AT&T, so I'll be adding to those positions throughout 2015.

To give monthly cash flow a boost, I'm purchasing more shares of NCZ, even though rising interest rates in 2015 doesn't bode well for bond funds.  I'll be looking for growth from individual stocks and not stock or bond funds.

2015 promises to be an exciting new year.  With gas prices down, I intend to take full advantage of fuel savings to add to my investments as much as I possibly can.  Hope everyone has a great new year!

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