Sunday, October 7, 2012


Had to pick up some things at Walgreens this morning, so I did the coupon match ups with the store ad and managed to save over 50% on my total bill.  Gotta love coupons!  Yeah, I'm still doing the extreme couponing, even though I haven't written about it in a while.  When I first started writing about coupons last year, I did a lot more shopping.  Now I've fine tuned my whole coupon use so I don't keep as many items on hand (smaller stockpile), I take more of a buy only what I need approach.  I still pick up extras of some items when they're extremely cheap and I still stockpile some items to hand out to family and friends, but for the most part I only do coupon and sale match ups on items as needed.  Which means I spend very little on household, food and personal care items.

The bottom line with coupons is to save as much as you can on the items you normally buy or on new items you'd like to try, but don't go overboard and build outrageous stockpiles or purchase items you don't need or won't use.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Just got my confirmation letter for my voter's registration, so I'm all set to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.  While I'd have preferred a Republican ticket featuring Ryan/Romney instead of Romney/Ryan, I still prefer them over Obama/Biden.  I don't see anything but more wasteful spending with another four years of democrats in the White House.  I'll be casting my vote for Republican candidates only.


Closed down my outdoor flea market booth for the season, will be planning for next years sales starting in April 2013.  Over the winter months I'll be building my resale business on ebay and Craigslist.  This weekend we are having a rummage sale at my sister's house.  I've done quite well so far.  It's nice to have extra income from my resale business on top of going back to work.

Work has gone well so far.  Picked up my first paycheck Friday and used it to pay rent and add to my checking account balance.  Looking forward to putting some of the money back in my accounts that I paid out after my last hospital visit.  So far I haven't been having any problems with chest pains, but I do get tired by the end of the work day.  Probably not so unusual at my age.  Just have to make sure I'm not getting paranoid over every little twinge of pain.

Revised my investment plans to rebuild my accounts.  It seems like it gets easier every time, probably attributable to experience.  The more I study investing and actually apply what I learn, the easier it gets.  So I'm not too concerned about how long it will take to rebuild my portfolio.  Off to a new start, it's more exciting than daunting.  Wish me luck!  :0)