Thursday, September 20, 2012


The week got off to a good start with a $25 sale for my resale business through Craigslist.  I sold a side table which I purchased at a yard sale for 25 cents.  When I bought the table, it was in pieces, with only one leg attached, but most of the pieces were there.  It turned out to be an easy job to re-attach the legs and clean up the table, taking about an hour of my time.  After it was finished, I took some pictures, listed it on Craigslist and sold it for $25, or 100 times what I originally paid!  Got to love resale :0)!

Just did my sweepstakes entry from today's visit to Walgreens.  Had to pick up a few items for my VA patient, so while I was there, I had them sign me up for their Balance Rewards program and give me a card to use on my next visit.  Although none of the items I purchased today earned any rewards points, a lot of the items I regularly purchase do.  So it shouldn't take long to build up a nice point balance in subsequent visits.  What a great place to shop!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post!  I've been really busy though.  Just finished a painting job I had contracted with my landlord.  Spent Saturday at the flea market in Versailles, Mo., it was kind of a bust due to the cold rainy weather.  But I got a call today on one of my job applications and will be going back to work on Friday of this week. 

It's the time of year for the outdoor flea markets to start closing down, so I decided it would be best for me to work through the winter until they open up again in the spring.  Since I just got my business started this year, I didn't really make enough to hold me over through the slow winter months.  I still plan on continuing the resale business throughout the winter months by listing on Craigslist.  I had calls on 3 of my listed items today, so I'm looking forward to some good sales this week. 

The big thing I'll be concentrating on after returning to work is rebuilding my investment portfolio.  After my most recent trip to the hospital to have a new stint put in, I had a lot of medical bills to pay.  So most of that money came from my investment accounts.  Now it's time to rebuild.  At first I was a little down in the dumps that so much of what I'd built got wiped out so quickly, but it's always easier to rebuild your portfolio when you've done it before.  As long as my health holds up, I have no doubts that in just a few years I'll have more money invested than I've ever had.  All in all, with my online sales and my new job, things are looking up!