Friday, June 27, 2008

Quarterly Update

Here we are at the end of June, boy the year is sure going by fast. The stock market took a tumble yesterday and once again the mainstream media are abuzz with their perpetual doom and gloom style of reporting. It's times like these that test investors souls. You just have to keep a clear head. Remember, even during the great depression there were companies who made money and who's stock prices rose. It's time to get busy and identify the great stocks that are selling at bargain basement prices.

Speaking of which, I've been adding to my portfolio on a regular basis. My real regret right now is that I just can't come up with enough cash to buy everything I'd like to own. While everyone else is saying sell, sell, sell, I'm looking to buy everything I can get my hands on. But I am being very selective, doing a lot of research on prospective stock investments.

As for the rest of my wealth building plan, it has been a great year. My small rental property maintenance business has been sailing right along. Without much effort, I've been able to more than double my business there, even though my new job is taking a lot of my time. Another of my small business ventures bit the dust, but like everything in life, it was a learning experience for me, so it was not an entire loss. Considering I had only time invested in the venture, and considering it did make some money which I rolled in to dividend paying stocks, I can't really call it an entire waste of time. After all, the stocks purchased with the money earned will continue to pay dividends, so even though the business itself failed, I will continue to earn income. Think how great it would be if we could turn all our failures into money makers!

As I stated in an earlier post, I have already met or exceeded most of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, so I've adjusted my plan and made new goals for the second half of the year. I've gotten more aggressive and set my sights higher, which has kept my mind busy thinking of new ways to reach my goals. My life has been changing rapidly for the better and I keep learning of more and more ways to work towards my ultimate goal of no longer needing a job. Remember, job stands for "just over broke," so everyone should be looking for ways to build income outside of work. There is no real job security anymore.