Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Recently purchased shares of CHI for my taxable account, bringing total number of dividend payments up to 445 per year!  While that in itself is exciting, what's even more exciting is that this month will set a new record high for monthly dividend income!  Of course it won't hold the record long, since following months will far outstrip this month's earnings.  But it's nice to see things moving in the right direction.

There have been a lot of ups and downs recently in the stock market.  It hasn't worried me much, since I've been picking up extra shares at lower prices.  Even with the turmoil caused by political wrangling and world terrorist attacks, dividend income continues to increase, even when the market is down.  If you're looking to live off dividends in retirement as I am, instead of selling off stocks and living on the proceeds, increasing dividends are more important than increased stock prices.  You only earn money off of stock price increases by selling the stock.  With dividends, you collect month after month either increasing your number of shares if you reinvest dividends or collecting the cash payments.  I'd much rather hang on to the shares and keep collecting the cash.

Looks as though December will be the biggest month of the year once again, with a whopping 48 dividend payments!  I'm especially glad to see the increase in monthly income, since I recently took out a personal loan to buy a better car.  I was hesitant to increase debt, but it will help my credit score in the long run and I have a much nicer car to drive.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


June 13, 2017

Today's purchase of GUT for my taxable account and MAIN for the ROTH IRA added another 26 dividend payments per year, for a total of 433!  Payments from the new shares will increase monthly dividend income by over 3%.  After reading GUT's latest report to shareholders, I'm going to be buying several more shares.  I like the monthly income and I believe there's room for more growth in the utilities sector.  While I do own shares in individual utility companies, I think I'll do better income wise to hold a big chunk of stock in GUT.  MAIN is one of my core long term stocks, mostly due to their 14 dividends per year.  The most exciting thing about this purchase is that I paid for the stock with money earned through Swagbucks.  (See the link on right side of page.)  So I've converted my Swagbucks earnings into a monthly dividend producer.  I plan on investing all future earnings from Swagbucks in this same stock, creating an income producing asset with no money out of pocket.

Went car shopping on line yesterday and was surprised to find that the car I want is amazingly inexpensive.  I'm not looking to buy new, just newer than the car I have, with lower mileage.  I'd also like something a little more roomy and comfortable than my Honda Civic, so I was shopping for Buick Centuries.  Made me realize how behind the times I've gotten on some things.  I didn't realize they stopped making them in 2005.  Oh well, that's still newer than my 2002 and I came across one nearby with only 24,000 miles and priced at only $4,950.  I looked at these cars new back in 2005 and they were around $24,000, so I didn't buy one then.  I'll be setting aside some cash and shopping for a good deal later this year.  Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Hawthorn Bank (HWBK) will increase their cash dividend to 7 cents per share and pay a special stock dividend of 4% on July 1st 2017 to shareholders of record at the close of business day June 15, 2017!  While the cash dividend itself is not real exciting, it represents a 16.7% increase over their previous dividend.  I bought this stock, not only because it's a local company that I am familiar with, but especially for the special 4% stock dividend they've paid every year since I first purchased shares.  So I'm glad to see them continuing the stock dividend and raising cash dividends as well.  Not to mention that my current holdings in Hawthorn are up over 60% since my original purchase!

Regarding some of my most recent stock purchases, QCOM is already showing a gain with INTC and ORA very near positive increases in share price.  VZ is still lagging, since I purchased their shares right before they released a poor quarterly report.  I do expect VZ to eventually recover and I expect to hold all these stocks very long term.

Just collected another cash payment from Swagbucks!  Already transferred the cash to my bank account and on to my investment account.  While I'm not making a killing by any means, this makes my sixth cash payment from Swagbucks since the first of this year and I'm well on my way toward the next one.  You can cash in earnings for gift cards, but I choose the cash option through Paypal so I can add the earnings to my ROTH account.  I've decided to put all Swagbucks cash in to purchasing shares of MAIN, so I'll collect 14 dividends per year!  If you want to check it out, see the link on the lower right side of this page.  It's a great way to save and make money!

Thursday, June 1, 2017


While the 8 dividend payments I received today were not quite as exciting as the 15 I got yesterday, the fact that I've collected 23 dividends in two days is very exciting!  That's the way I like to see those cash payments rolling in each month.  Of course I reinvested them all so I'll get even bigger payments next month, but eventually I'll be taking the payments in cash.

Still haven't been able to find out if HWBK is going to pay a special stock dividend in July like they have in the past few years.  May have to just wait and see.  I am a bit partial to Hawthorn Bank, since it is a local business, but even though I own stock, I do not have an account with them.  I've been thinking about moving my main checking and savings accounts there, but I'd like to use up the checks I have from my old bank.  It would be much more convenient, since it's closer to my home than my current bank.  I've been with my old bank since 1994, but that being said, they've never really done anything for me.  I've never had a loan there and I don't get any kind of special treatment for being a loyal customer.  So why shouldn't I move the money to the bank I own shares in?  My current bank is privately owned, so I can't buy their shares.  Perhaps I'll see if Hawthorn will buy my old checks from me to get me to switch.  It would involve switching some automatic payments and linking some accounts to the new bank, but I think I'd feel better knowing my money was in a bank I own a part of.