Tuesday, June 13, 2017


June 13, 2017

Today's purchase of GUT for my taxable account and MAIN for the ROTH IRA added another 26 dividend payments per year, for a total of 433!  Payments from the new shares will increase monthly dividend income by over 3%.  After reading GUT's latest report to shareholders, I'm going to be buying several more shares.  I like the monthly income and I believe there's room for more growth in the utilities sector.  While I do own shares in individual utility companies, I think I'll do better income wise to hold a big chunk of stock in GUT.  MAIN is one of my core long term stocks, mostly due to their 14 dividends per year.  The most exciting thing about this purchase is that I paid for the stock with money earned through Swagbucks.  (See the link on right side of page.)  So I've converted my Swagbucks earnings into a monthly dividend producer.  I plan on investing all future earnings from Swagbucks in this same stock, creating an income producing asset with no money out of pocket.

Went car shopping on line yesterday and was surprised to find that the car I want is amazingly inexpensive.  I'm not looking to buy new, just newer than the car I have, with lower mileage.  I'd also like something a little more roomy and comfortable than my Honda Civic, so I was shopping for Buick Centuries.  Made me realize how behind the times I've gotten on some things.  I didn't realize they stopped making them in 2005.  Oh well, that's still newer than my 2002 and I came across one nearby with only 24,000 miles and priced at only $4,950.  I looked at these cars new back in 2005 and they were around $24,000, so I didn't buy one then.  I'll be setting aside some cash and shopping for a good deal later this year.  Wish me luck.

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