Monday, December 1, 2014


Just finished a review of the spreadsheets I use to track my investments and am pleased to report that dividend income for 2014 will be up 100% over 2013!  While that in itself is reason to celebrate, I used current data to project increases in dividend income for next year.  

This is what I came up with:

GE income up 1%, NYCB up 5%, LLY up 3%, EMN stays the same, UVE down 20% (due to sale of stock), CNP up 1%, RRD up 3%, CLM up 20%, HWBK up 2%, T up 2%, EGAS up 30%, AOD up 1%, MFC up 1%, CRF up 15%, WFC up 8%, NCZ up 22%, PHK up 50% and PSEC up 10%.

This is not my projection of the stocks performance, but a projection of increased dividend income based on the year end dividends from each stock multiplied by 12 months of 2015.  Of course this does not take in to account possible dividend cuts or increases and does not allow for dividend re-investments, so the total increases would likely be higher than the above projections.  This only applies to my personal portfolio.  I am very excited about the prospects for significant gains in monthly cash flow in 2015!  At this point I'm not attempting to project total gains in dividend income, although based on the above, I think I should easily be able to double dividend income again in 2015.

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