Thursday, January 1, 2015


2015 is off to a good start with 5 dividend payments for the first day of the year!  Nine more payments to go for the month of January.  Compared to January of 2014, income from dividends should be up over 50%!  I'm on year 3 of my investment plan, my main goal being to double dividend income every year for 10 years.  I've already figured out an easy way to accomplish my goal for 2015, so year 3 is in the bag.  Gives me an entire year to come up with a plan to double income in 2016.  Of course I figured all along the first 5 years would be easy, after that it will be more difficult since the amount I need to double will be much greater.  I'm sticking with the plan since it's working so well so far.  Every month, with reinvested dividends, I make more than the month before.  Additional cash investments boost average monthly cash flows even more.  

Which brings me to the final phase of my investment plan.  I have a stake in a little over 20 stocks and stock and bond funds.  I'm currently collecting 176 dividend payments per year or an average of 14.67 dividends per month.  Now it's just a matter of building my stake in each investment through reinvested dividends and additional cash investments.   

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