Friday, January 16, 2015


Collected first dividend payment from CLNY on the 15th!  I've been trying to time purchases of new shares to catch dividends soon after initial purchases.  I put in an order for Tuesday to purchase shares of Reaves Utility Fund (UTG) so I'll collect their next  monthly dividend in February.  For March I'll collect my first dividend from PDLI and possibly GLW.  I've been wanting to replace the shares of Corning that I sold in July of last year to pay bills.  While I made a nice profit on that sale, I think Corning is still a great investment and am even more convinced by the latest increase in their dividend.

UVE is still on fire, up nearly 300% since my initial purchase!  It is still my largest individual stock holding dollar wise, even after I took some profits by selling enough shares to take all my original investment out.  I like the income from UVE, love the fact that none of my own money is tied up with the stock and plan to hold this one for the long term, reinvesting all dividends.

Lost more hours at work from a slowdown in business.  While I'll be able to make up some of this money through partial unemployment, I'm hoping that I'll find a new job soon.  Have to pick up the pace on job hunting.  Wish me luck!

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