Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Completed my purchase of a stake in EGAS with the proceeds from the sale of POT.  Just finished checking the dividend history and it looks like I'll collect the first dividend payment from EGAS around the end of October.  This will bring my total dividend paydays to 168 per year!  If you add the 24 paydays from work, that brings my total paydays per year to 192, or a payday every 1.9 days.  Now it's a simple matter of increasing the amount of pay on dividend paydays.  I may not have much control over pay increases from work, but I have quite a bit of control over dividend paydays.  They increase themselves every month through reinvested dividends, I just need to work on maximizing the amounts by making sure I'm holding quality dividend stocks.  

My big focus next year will be on improving the quality of holdings in my portfolio.  I'll be looking to add all the wish list stocks mentioned in an earlier post, with long histories of increasing dividends.  These will all be long term holdings.  I'll also continue reinvesting dividends to increase my stake in current holdings, boosting income every single month of the year! 

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