Monday, September 1, 2014


The month of September started out right with 5 dividend payments from WFC, RRD, and a few of my fund holdings.  Always like to see those payments at the beginning of the month, it gets me excited about the possibilities for the month ahead.  September is one of the big dividend months.  I should collect a total of 16 dividend payments for the month.  With 5 down, I'm looking forward to 11 more dividend paydays for the month!  What's not to get excited about.

I seem to be having a small run of luck for some reason.  Won a second chance drawing in the Lotto last month, not cash but still a nice prize.  Also been finding quite a bit of cash while walking my dog.  Mostly change, but a couple of $10 dollar bills too.  Saving the change for a vacation.  Haven't had one in quite a while, so I'm saving up to take Pickles and I on a nice little excursion.  

Renewing the job search this month.  Hope to have better luck this time around.  Still getting more hours at my current job, but things are slowing down, so don't know how long that will hold out.  Would like to have a second job or new job before my hours drop too low.

Making good progress on reducing debt.  Took a lot of positive steps in that direction all last month and at the beginning of this month.  Am starting to see some results there as well.  Be glad to have the final bills out of the way so I can divert that money to my investment account. 

Have a new wish list of stocks with a long history of raising dividends.  Want to add all 7 of the following to my long term portfolio as soon as possible.  The list includes:  WPZ, CLX, INTC, ADP, GPC AND MSEX.  

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