Thursday, September 11, 2014


Collected two dividend payments this week from long term investments in LLY and CNP.  Re-invested dividends to purchase more shares of both stocks.  Did a quick check on The Motley Fool website to see if future prospects are still good for these stocks.  Both look good, with LLY having increased it's animal drug business in its' deal with Novartis and CNP improving its' business through cost cutting and adding new customers.  Also liked the fact that CNP recently increased their dividend, which increases the yield on my initial investment!

What I appreciate most about dividend investing is seeing the steady month to month increase in cash flow from reinvested dividends.  I mentioned in my last post that I am diverting dividends to my cash account to purchase shares in my "wish list" stocks.  While this may seem to go against my normal investment philosophy, what I didn't mention in the earlier post is that I only diverted part of the dividends with the rest being reinvested to continue growing current positions.  So, while income will not grow as rapidly as before, it will continue to increase on a monthly basis as positions in current holdings increase the monthly reinvested dividends.  About a year from now, I expect to have a big jump in monthly cash flow as all the dividends from newly purchased "wish list" stocks begin to flow in to my IRA and my regular account.

Will the market be up or down, I don't really know.  One thing I'm pretty sure of, my dividend income will be much higher by this time next year.

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