Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I mentioned in a recent post of wish list of stocks with a history
of increasing dividends that I’d like to add to my portfolio.
Since I don’t have the cash readily available to purchase
positions in these stocks, I had to come up with a plan to make
my wishes a reality.  So I diverted dividend income from my
bond funds and 2 of my stock funds to my cash account.  I then
set up automatic orders to buy INTC for my IRA account and
CLX for my taxable account.  As dividend payments
accumulate in my cash account, the purchases will go through
automatically when the dollar amount of each investment is
reached.  As soon as I’ve purchased a position in each of these
stocks, I’ll change my automatic investment to include the next
two stocks on the list:  ADP and GPC.  The final two, WPZ and
MSEX will follow next.

The advantages of this plan:  I won’t have to take any cash out
of pocket to purchase these stocks.  I should be able to add all
six stocks to my portfolio in less than a year and will increase
the number of dividend payments collected per year from 160
to 184.  Which works out to an average of 15.33 dividends per

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