Friday, September 26, 2014


No I'm not getting in to the business of selling marijuana, I sold my stake in Potash (ticker symbol POT) to buy a stake in EGAS.  Not only did I eliminate tax payments to Canada, I boosted dividend income by 2% per month.  I like the current yield on EGAS stock and I think there's plenty of room for the share price to grow.  

The purchase of EGAS also boosts the number of dividend payments per year from 160 to 168, since EGAS pays monthly compared to Potash's quarterly dividend.  Reinvested dividends will boost monthly dividends at a more rapid rate since money will compound monthly instead of quarterly.  

I'm still considering replacing some of the bond funds with dividend stocks, perhaps some of my wish list stocks, but that would reduce the number of annual dividend payments since the wish list stocks pay quarterly compared to monthly.  So that idea is on hold for right now and I'll continue with my previous plan of taking bond fund dividends in cash to purchase stakes in the wish list stocks.

While I'm looking forward to the big 3 end of the month dividends next week, dividend income for the last month of the 3rd quarter will be down compared to March and June of this year as a result of the stocks I sold in July.  Since that small setback, monthly income has been rising steadily, so I'm excited about boosting it even more with the purchase of EGAS.

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