Thursday, July 25, 2013


Improving your life and finances every day, what do I
mean by this?  Exactly what it says.  While I’ve been
working to rebuild my investment portfolio after
catastrophic medical expenses related to my heart
attack, it has occurred to me that the same method can
be applied to other aspects of my life as well.  In fact,
I’ve already applied the same principles to addressing
my health issues without realizing it until just recently.  

To rebuild my portfolio I came up with a plan of to set
into motion small changes that would improve my
finances at an ever increasing rate.  In the case of my
investments it involved purchasing positions in a set
number of dividend paying stocks and funds,
re-investing all dividends and making small monthly
cash contributions for an ever increasing monthly cash
flow.  Dividends from my investment portfolio have
been increasing at a rapid rate and should continue to
do so, barring any major drawback with the economy. 
The end result is that income from my portfolio is
improving with each passing day.

The same thing has happened with my diet and exercise
program.  I came up with a plan to lose weight by doing
simple exercises 5 days per week to improve
cardiovascular health and increase lean muscle mass.  I
also made up a diet plan of healthy foods I already like,
so it was easy to stick with the diet.  No deprivation,
since I’m eating foods I love and really eating more
than I was before.  The difference is lower fat, lower
carbs and less cholesterol, while increasing non-meat
protein intakes and eating more fiber rich foods.  It was
simply a matter of identifying foods I like to eat and are
healthy for me, as well and incorporating these in my
daily diet to replace the bad food I was eating.  The
results so far?  I’ve increased lean muscle mass,
reduced my waist size by 6 inches and lost a total of 59
pounds!  So a few simple changes have put me on the
path of improving my health just a little bit every day.

Basically it boils down to setting a goal, devising a plan
involving simple daily changes to your lifestyle to help
you achieve your goal and sticking to the plan.  It’s
really a matter of improving by degrees.  Instead of
shooting for a large target, you seek to accomplish small
successes on a daily basis, creating a cumulative effect
on improving your life every day.

Since I was turned down for a conventional loan to buy
a home (my income was too low due to recent hour cuts
related to Obama care), I’m going to apply the same
principles toward buying a home.  I’ve figured out how
to do it and implemented my plan.  I’ll keep readers
posted on how it turns out. 

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