Friday, July 5, 2013


How would you like to get paid 10 times or more
per month?  Sound good?  It’s easy enough to do.
I’m already getting paid more than 10 times a
month from my dividend investment portfolio.
Am I rich?  No.  Very well off?  No.  But I’m
headed in the right direction.

Before I had my first heart attack I had gotten to
the point where I no longer worried about money.
No matter what happened, I knew I had the
money to cover any cash shortfalls and cash flow
was going up every month.  Then I ended up in
the hospital with a heart attack and have had to
go back again, having stints put in both times.  So
I was pretty close to being wiped out financially.

But like I’ve said before, when you’ve learned
how to save money and put it to work, it’s a
simple matter to do it agein.  Like I said, I’m
headed in the right direction with cash flow
increasing every single month.  My main goal now
is to work on finding a better job.  While the
economy is still in the dumps, it has gotten better
and the job market has improved.  The survival
type job I’ve been working is O.K., but with a
little better job I’ll be able to ramp up investments
and rebuild my portfolio at a rapid pace.

So if you like the idea of getting paid 10 times a
month, save up some cash and buy a few dividend
stocks.  While the payments may not be much to
begin with, if you re-invest dividends and add to
you’re investments whenever you can, you’ll be
amazed how fast monthly cash flow goes up.
When you’re collecting and re-investing 10 or
more dividends per month, plus making
additional cash investments, the compounding
rate skyrockets.  There is nothing more
motivating for me than to see my dividends go up
every single month.  It doesn’t matter how much
they go up, when they’re increasing every month,
you can start out with small payments and before
you know it you’re collecting enough to pay your
bills.  When you’ve reached that point, you’re
financially free.

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