Thursday, July 25, 2013


Nothing makes me happier than seeing the
dividend payments roll in to my accounts each
month!  With the purchase of shares in Wells
Fargo (WFC) I have more to be happy about. 
Adding WFC’s 4 quarterly dividend payments
brings the total number of payments I’ll collect to
117 per year!  I’ll be adding 4 payments each
month for the next 3 months with the purchase of
shares in Intel (INTC), AT&T (T), and Coca Cola
(KO) respectively.  Haven’t made a final decision
on the last stock to make up my 20 stock/fund
portfolio.  I’m trying to decide between one of my
favorite blue chips or another monthly dividend
stock.  I’ve got 3 months to decide, but I’m
leaning toward a big blue chip stock, most likely
one of the Dividend Aristocrats.

The final purchase for my 20 stock portfolio will
be in November.  Then I’ll concentrate on
building positions in each holding, increasing
monthly cash flow as rapidly as possible.  I’m
especially looking forward to the month of
December.  Not only will I collect 15 dividends for
the month, but I’ll also collect capital gains
payments from at least 6 funds.  It’s looking like it
could be a very Merry Christmas for 2013!

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