Monday, February 29, 2016


I just posted about the terrific 33% increase in dividend income for February 2016 compared to last year, but I was pleased to see earned income increased for the first two months of the year as well.  Compared to January and February of 2015, earned income is up 12% in 2016!  Even though my hourly pay is lower than my previous job, I'm able to get more hours, so income has increased.

I'll be using this extra earned income to purchase more dividend paying investments and to reduce debt.  The combination of increasing income and reducing interest on debt should free up even more cash to build my portfolio.  Going to be looking for ways to pick up extra income to apply to debt reduction.  The faster I pay off the debt, the easier it will be to manage my finances.  Although I sometimes get depressed by the fact that my income has never returned to pre-2008 levels, I do take comfort in the fact that my personal finances have improved dramatically.  Also, I've been much happier in my new job.  Not only am I appreciated more by my employer and clients, but I'm more proud of the line of work I do now.  

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