Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The month of March is off to a good start with five dividend payments!  As an added bonus, the stock market opened higher today.  Whether it will stay that way or not is anybody's guess.  Didn't purchase the new shares of PHK in time to capture the dividend for this month, so I'll see a big jump in the monthly dividend from them in April.  With reinvested dividends, I'm starting to see larger increases monthly cash flows.  The biggest jumps in income still come from cash investments, but eventually I expect to see more coming from compounding of reinvested dividend earnings.

The order I placed to purchase more shares of AOD will go through today.  I'll own the new shares in time to capture the dividends for this month, so I'll see an immediate increase in monthly payments from AOD.  AOD and PHK generate a substantial part of my monthly dividend income.  I sometimes think, if a person wanted to keep things really simple, you could just buy shares in two monthly dividend payers.  One good stock fund and one good bond fund and you'd probably do better than a lot, if not most, other investors.

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