Thursday, February 25, 2016


Just placed an order to purchase more shares of AOD, a monthly dividend paying stock fund.  Completion of this order will increase total monthly dividends by 2% starting in March!  May not sound like much, but imagine doing this month after month.  Didn't seem possible to me at first, but looks like I was wrong, because I just keep finding ways to increase monthly cash flows.  Mid year I'll be reviewing my investment plan and goals for 2016, I'm thinking I'll have to revise goals upwards.  

I have to admit, with the market in such turmoil since the first of this year, I was getting a little down on investing.  This month especially, with only 14 dividends for the month.  Then I looked at it another way.  I'm collecting 14 dividend payments and getting paid twice from my job.  That's 16 paydays for the month of February!  Even better, February is one of the lowest paying months.  For the month of March, I'm expecting 23 dividend payments, along with my two paychecks from work and a check from SendEarnings.  So I'll be getting paid 26 times in March!  Needless to say, I'm all excited about investing again.

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