Tuesday, February 16, 2016


February is flying by it seems, we've had a wild ride in the stock market but saw a little upward movement today.  I've been continuing to work on building positions in current holdings through reinvested dividends and additional cash purchases.  Concentrating mostly on boosting monthly cash flows from dividends.  It's much easier to gain some ground with stock prices being down, but I'm only human and was glad to see some upward movement.

Been busy with work.  Picked up a lot of extra hours from call ins so far this month and personal earned income is up for the first two months of 2016 compared to last year.  It's tax season and I've been collecting all my tax documents to file my taxes.  Not expecting much in the way of a refund, but I'll be happy if I don't have to pay much in.  

Haven't been able to verify it, but it looks like ROYT may have suspended dividend payments.  While I'm disappointed, I can't say I wasn't expecting something like that to happen.  It was a risk going in and I may end up losing all the money I've invested, but they may pull out of it yet.  It really depends on what happens in the oil market.  I still expect that to turn around next year, but I think Obama's plan to put a $10 tax per barrel of oil is especially foolish at this point.  Not only will it hurt the already beleaguered oil market, but it will increase prices at the gas pump for consumers.  As far as I'm concerned, the only real thing the current economy has going for it is cheap gasoline, which has allowed consumers a little extra cash in pocket.  Additional taxes on oil is wrong, wrong, wrong.  There is no good reason for it and nothing good will come of it.

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