Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The month of October is off to a good start with 7 dividend payments to my portfolio, representing 7 increases of shares in some of my current holdings through reinvested dividends.  With the 4 additional payments I'm expecting later in the month and my cash investment in PFF, I'll be making a total of 12 investments in additional shares.  I'm pretty excited about that.

Of course we have the government shutdown hanging over our heads, which has been a drag on the market.  Perhaps I'll be able to pick up my initial investment in PFF at a lower price per share, which is good, but the dysfunction in Washington could drag on for quite some time, causing poor returns going forward.  

Speaking of the government shutdown, maybe we could avoid such problems in the future if political representatives had their pay based on performance.  When they are not performing, i.e. creating jobs, reducing debt, improving the economy, cutting taxes, then their pay would be reduced to a base salary.  If the government shuts down, like it has now, their pay would stop altogether.  Everyone from the President on down, having anything to do with the shutdown should not get paid until the issues are resolved.  To make it effective, there would be no back pay after the resolution.  They should just lose that money.  I also see no good reason for them to have separate retirement plans.  If they truly believe social security is good enough for everyone else, that is the retirement they should get as well.  

Each side is blaming the other and the disparaging remarks are flying fast and furious, but the truth is they are all to blame.  I don't quite understand why a President who recently showed a willingness to negotiate with Iran, would take the position of "no negotiation" with members of Congress.  No matter what their positions are on the issues, they are obligated in the best interests of the people they represent to remain open to constructive negotiations.  No matter the outcome of the present situation, I believe they are all hurting themselves in the long run by maintaining such obstinacy and arrogance in the face of a difficult situation.  Time to seriously consider replacing the lot and starting over.

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