Saturday, October 12, 2013


Tuesdays' upcoming purchase of PFF will bring the total of all dividend payments from my investment portfolio to 138 per year, or 11.5 per month.  This works out to 2.65 dividends per week on average.  Not the "dividend a day" that I had been shooting for under my old investment plan, however, I've gotten to this point by investing in only 20 different stocks as compared to the overwhelming number of stocks I was invested in before.  I've managed to simplify things dramatically while maintaining diversification.  It will make following my investments much easier than before, since I have fewer stocks to follow.

For the month of November I'll make the final new stock purchase for my IRA with an investment position in INTC.  I have decided to change my December investment from CLM to CRF.  While both Cornerstone funds have similar investment portfolios, CRF had a total return of 45% for the six months ended June 30, 2013 compared to CLM's total return of 35.51%.  

I'm working out a complete investment schedule for 2014, which I'm easily able to do since I'll be building on positions I already have instead of making new investments.  Don't have a completed schedule yet, but I've decided my first three investments for my taxable account will be PFF in February, CLM in April and CRF in June.  My IRA investments will run in alternate months (January, March, May, etc.) so I'll be making additional cash investments every month.  To capture as much dividend income as possible, I'll be scheduling cash investments according to ex-dividend dates.  I expect to have a full calendar of investments made out by then end of this year.  

With monthly cash flows up by the beginning of 2014, compounding will increase at a dramatic rate.  In addition to monthly cash investments, re-invested dividends will bring my total number of investments per month to 13 plus!  Increased dividend income and re-invested dividends will reduce costs automatically since the percentage of costs to overall investments will drop as income increases.  I'm very excited to see how things work out in the new year!

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