Thursday, October 31, 2013


Income from my dividend portfolio for the first month of the fourth quarter beat out the first month of the previous three quarters of 2013, excluding the special dividend paid by HWBK at the beginning of the third quarter.  October's payout was over 8 times the amount received in January, which is fantastic, but I don't expect those kind of increases to continue.  

The month of November, while easily beating the second months of the first and second quarter, will most likely be just a small increase over the second month of the third quarter.  If my dividend calendar is correct, I only stand to collect 9 dividends for the month of November.  December is another story.  For the final month of 2013, I anticipate collecting 16 dividend payments and 6 capital gains payouts!  While I could estimate the amount fairly accurately, I've decided to let it be a surprise.  With a total estimate of 22 payouts for the month of December, I'm pretty excited about having a payment for nearly every day of the month!

Starting in 2014 the number of dividend payments per month from my portfolio are as follows:

January: 10
February: 10
March: 13
April: 12
May: 10
June: 15
July: 11
August: 10
September: 13
October: 12
November: 10
December: 16 

For a grand total of 142 dividend payments and 6 capital gains payments per year.  Or, as I like to think of it, an extra 148 paydays per year!  It's like having a payday every 2.5 days and every time you get paid your pay increases.  How's that for paying yourself first?   

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