Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Had to get up early to drop Pickles off at the puppy spa.  He's getting the works, trim, nails and bath.  He loves visiting with his doggy friends for the day.  I think it does him a lot of good to socialize with other dogs, keeps him grounded and happy.  

They still haven't reached an agreement in Washington, but I'm forging ahead with my investment plan.  Completed my purchase of PFF yesterday and have scheduled my next purchase for my taxable account in December.  For November, I'll be buying a stake in Intel for my IRA account.  This purchase will complete all new stock positions for both accounts.  I'll be moving on to the second phase of my investment plan by building positions in the 20 stocks I own in the two accounts.  I'm anticipating an ever increasing rate of stock purchases through continued cash investments and reinvested dividends.  Which also means that I should see an ever increasing rate of cash flow from dividend income.  This is the exciting part!  The plan is in place, it's now a matter of watching everything take off.  I'm excited about 2014, just hope the politicians don't mess things up too much.

Got a lead on insurance that may prove helpful.  Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is advertising their insurance services on local television channels and they're offering to show how much assistance you may qualify for in paying for insurance.  Since I've had great experiences with them in the past when I was covered by their plan at work, I'm going to see what they can do for me now.  I'd much rather go with people I know for health insurance.  I think the Affordable Care Act has opened the door for a lot of people to get ripped off from fly by night insurers and I want to avoid becoming one of them.

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