Saturday, October 19, 2013


After reading a great article on Motley Fool website, I decided to make a last minute revision to my portfolio.  Instead of purchasing shares of INTC, which I still believe to be a great long term investment, I'm going to buy shares in Potash (POT:NYSE).  Their current yield of 4.4% is higher than Intel with a lower P/E rate and great prospects for growing their dividend going forward.  Since this is the final stock purchase for my IRA, I want to make it a great long term holding and I think POT fits the bill.

With food demand going up at an ever increasing rate and Potash being positioned to take advantage of fertilizer demand worldwide, I think they're in a wonderful position for continued growth.  Continued growth in revenues along with a company history of returning cash to investors through dividend increases makes this stock a great fit for my retirement account.

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