Saturday, September 28, 2013


Dividend income from my investment portfolio fell short of expectations, due in large part to my mistakenly counting 3 extra dividends for the month which are actually payable in October.  I've since corrected the payout dates, however I only collected 12 dividend payments for the month instead of the original 15 I had expected.  The bright side of all this is, monthly cash flow for the last month of the third quarter still beat out the corresponding months of the first and second quarters.  Not only that, but for the month of October, I'm now set to receive 11 dividend payments instead of the 8 payments I had originally expected.  

December is looking like the best month of the year.  For the month of December I should collect a total of 15 dividend payments and an additional 7 capital gains payouts from the funds I've invested in.  As I've mentioned before, all payouts will be reinvested to generate increased monthly cash flow and reduce investment costs.  Since my biggest goal for 2014 is reducing investment costs, I was pleasantly surprised when it occurred to me that keeping my monthly cash investments the same while monthly dividend re-investments are increasing, will lower investment costs all on its own.  Re-invested dividends are commission free and as dividends increase on a monthly basis, the percentage of commission free investments compared to total dollars invested will reduce investment costs. 

There is a lot of uncertainty in the market due to the showdown in Washington and a possible government shutdown.  There is also the possibility of a correction in the bond market as some are predicting and possibly the overall market.  However, I intend to look at any corrections as buying opportunities and move forward.  I'm really looking forward to 2014. 

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