Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Got a great offer from my Discover card!  They gave me a $50 bonus for opening a cash back checking account tied to my Discover card.  I'll get free checks, free debit card and ten cents cash back for purchases and bill payments and for each check I write.  While I don't write many checks anymore, I do use my cards and make online bill payments, so I should benefit greatly from cash back checking.  I'll use this account for my bill paying and spending money.

Added to my housing fund with proceeds from a recent garage sale.  The sale was fairly successful and we're planning on having another in a couple of weeks.  It's nice to see the balance in my housing fund going up.  Trying to figure out more ways to add to the fund.

Collected two great dividend payments from LLY and CNP today.  Both were reinvested helping to build positions in each stock.  It's nice to see escalating dividend payments from reinvested dividends.  The dividend from CNP remained the same as my last payment, but my dividend from LLY increased!  I'm seeing a pattern of increased dividend payments through reinvested dividends that is quite encouraging.  As my positions are strengthened through further dividends and cash investments, this trend is sure to speed up.  It's exciting to watch!  Kind of like getting a raise every single month of the year.

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