Friday, September 27, 2013


Since my basic portfolio will be completed by November of this year, I'll be making my first investment for 2014 in December.  Meaning, instead of purchasing shares in something new, I'll be building my positions in stocks I already own.  

I've decided Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund (CLM:NYSE) will be my first investment for 2014.  After reading their recent semi-annual report, I've decided that their investments are in line with the companies I want to be invested in.  Not to mention they have a 17.01% dividend yield on their recent price of $7.25 per share.  While this is somewhat of a high flier, higher returns equaling higher risk, I'm willing to accept the risk for the possible rewards.  I'd highly advise doing your own research before following suit.  This fund may not be suited to your particle investment objectives.

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