Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The month of September is off to a fantastic start with 6 dividend payments credited to my accounts during the first 3 days of the month!  This includes my first dividend from Wells Fargo (WFC), so I'm pretty excited about that!  I had originally expected a total of 15 dividend payments for this month, but I had incorrectly added RRD to the month of August, so I'm now expecting 16 payments in all.  This means I'll receive a dividend payment every two days for the month of September!  Can hardly wait for the grand total.  This will be the best month of the year for my newly rebuilt stock portfolio, although I'm expecting December to be the best month overall.  

By December I'll have added positions in at least 2 more stocks and one preferred stock fund (PFF).  So I'll have a final tally of the total number of dividend payments I'll be receiving each month.  Then it's just a matter of adding to my positions and monitoring my portfolio.  It's been great watching dividend payments go up every month from reinvested dividends, so I'll probably keep that up for the foreseeable future.  At some point, I'll switch dividends from my taxable account to be paid in cash in order to rebuild my cash position and help in purchasing a home, if I haven't already bought a place.  

I'm exceedingly pleased with the way my new investment strategy is working out, especially given the fact that I have so much less in earned income to work with.  Hopefully that will change before the end of this year as well.  But it's nice to know that I can accomplish my goals no matter what my income is, I just have to work with what I've got.

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