Sunday, June 3, 2012


Was very busy this past week preparing for the launch of my resale business.  Although I planned to market items mostly through outdoor flea markets, I included my items in my sister's garage sale Friday and Saturday and did quite well.  Also had a friend of mine offer to give me anything I want for my resale business, if I clean out his basement.  May or may not be worth the effort, but then again I figure it's worth a look.  So I'm headed to DeSoto Missouri Tuesday.  

My recovery from recent heart surgery is going well.  I'm feeling good and the soreness is starting to subside.  Not looking forward to the cascade of bills from this trip to the hospital, but I'll figure something out.  It's not a good thing to be without insurance when faced with major medical issues.

The week of May 22nd through June 2nd was a good week for dividend payments.  For my taxable account I collected payments from INTC, WEC, CAG, EOI and BGCP.  For my IRA I collected payments from CS and AFL.  Since the stock market has dropped so much in the past few weeks, I decided to take advantage of the lower prices by setting my accounts to reinvest all dividend payments.  I figure I'll save on commissions and pick up extra shares while prices are down.  When the market recovers, I'll revert payments to cash payouts.

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