Saturday, June 16, 2012


I started the week off last Sunday by listing sale items on Craig's List and Ebay.  Through the week, I spent time gathering new items for sale at today's flea market booth.  Craig's List paid off, with my listed item selling in less than one day.  My auctions have not yet ended on Ebay, but the bids are looking good.  Sales at today's flea market were far better than last week.  While I my new wholesale items did not add much to today's sales, they did help some, but I was happy to see some of the older items from last week sell.  Was also happy to see music CD's selling well, since used CD's are an item I can easily find more of and they take up little room for the revenue they produce.  With sales from all sources combined, I easily beat out what I would have made working at my last job and had a lot more quality personal time.  

As for my investment accounts, I reinvested dividends in my taxable account and my IRA to increase my stakes in O, EXC, DUK and AWF.  While I added no new dividend payments, l have increased monthly cash flow through reinvested dividends.    Can't wait to get my 365 days of dividends back on track, but I do need to address the bills from my most recent hospital stay first.  Once I have those lined out, I'll be better able to advance my investment plan.  

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