Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Sales were slow at the flea market last Saturday, but I've been able to make up for it with a good sale on Craigs List.  Also have several items listed for sale on Ebay and although none have bids yet, I'm pretty confident at least a couple of them will sell.  Sold a painting and a cross necklace yesterday, which pretty much brings me up to the amount I need to make each week to replace the income from my old job.  I'm pushing to make more than I made at my old job, since I have extra bills from my latest trip to the hospital and since the flea market closes down from the end of October to the beginning of April.  Hope to have a booth at an indoor facility by then or perhaps a store on Ebay, just have to see how things work out between now and then.

Got in some of my new wholesale stuff and it looks pretty good!  I've already sold one of the necklaces, so I'm hoping that's a sign of how well they'll sell at the flea market.  Got an order of charm bracelets coming in Thursday from another wholesaler.  If those do well, this wholesaler has a lot of nice looking merchandise at reasonable prices, so I'll probably do a lot of business with them. 

Picked up a nice curio cabinet at the thrift store on Monday.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to double my money on it.  My goal is to double my money on most items, make as much as I can on the really great items, to help cover the ones I don't double my money on and to keep the merchandise turning.  Don't want to show up every week with the same old things.  I want to have new stuff to sell every week and keep the customers coming back.

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