Sunday, May 27, 2012


Had to postpone the launch of my new flea market business this weekend due to a visit to the hospital for another stint operation.  Luckily I didn't actually suffer a heart attack this time around, but I had a blocked artery causing me a lot of chest pain.  I went to the emergency room Thursday afternoon, they admitted me to the hospital and did some tests.  By noon on Friday I was in the operating room having the stint placed in the blocked artery and was out of the hospital and back at home by Saturday afternoon.  So once again my cardiologist did a wonderful job and once I'm fully recovered from the operation, I'll probably feel better than I have in years.  The only thing I'm dreading now is all the new medical bills have to pay, but it's great to be alive!

As for my stocks, for the week of 5/20-5/27 both my regular brokerage account and my IRA ended down for the week.  I completed the purchase of a stake in AT for my taxable account, adding another 12 dividend payments per year to my towards my goal of 365 days of dividends.  Collected only one dividend payment for the week from ERF, but was really glad to see another of the new stocks begin paying dividends!  I'm going to need all the extra income I can get to take care of this latest round of medical bills.

As for the official launch of my flea market business, I'll be here in Jefferson City this week.  There are no outdoor flea markets, but I'm going to set up at my sister's garage sale.  She lives in a great neighborhood and always does well with her sales, so I'm taking my booth to her sale and setting up.  The weekend after that I'm looking to set up at either Lebanon or Versailles Missouri for my next flea market.

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