Saturday, May 19, 2012


Just completed my purchase of a stake in LLY this past week.  With the seasonal decline in the market, I've always found this to be a good time of year to purchase dividend stocks.  Dividend stocks tend to drop less during market declines, however their prices do go down this time of year, so you can pick up quality issues at better prices.  But probably the biggest reason I like buying this time of year is that with the drop in price the dividend yield rises!  So you're able to earn a higher percentage of return on initial investments made during the slowdown.

Had some great dividend payments this past week.  For my taxable account I collected dividends from REIT O and from EVEP.  In the IRA account I collected a payment from ABT and initial payments from NYB and AWF.  NYB pays quarterly dividends and AWF pays monthly.  Glad to see some of the newer purchases adding to the income stream!  Can hardly wait to complete my purchase plan and have 365 dividend payments a year!!!

I'm going to hit yard sales this morning with some family and friends and pick up some inventory for the flea market booth.  I'm really excited about this whole venture and most surprising, I'm not overly concerned about giving up regular paychecks.  Glad to be getting out of the grind of being a slave to the time clock and working with people I just don't want to work with.

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