Monday, June 6, 2011


The coupons from Sunday's paper and some of the new printable coupons from Sendearnings have netted me some fantastic deals today!  I used 2 manufacturers coupons from the paper and a register rewards coupon to pick up laundry soap and fabric softener for 60% off!  Also picked up an extra in store coupon booklet and got 33% off on Chex Mix and Bugles, making one bag free!  I found these sale items at Walgreens, where I also purchase AA batteries on sale and got a $1 register rewards coupon good on my next purchase.  Overall I saved a little over 50% on my Walgreens purchases!!!  Got some Nestle's Crunch candy bars almost free with double coupons at Gerbes.  Will be anxiously awaiting the grocery store sale ads on Wednesday to plan my latest shopping trip with my new stockpile of coupons.  I've got a grocery budget for the next 2 weeks of just $40, so I'll really have to stretch the dollars, but I've done well in the past few weeks and have quite a stock built up so I'm thinking it won't really be all that hard to stay within budget.  It would be great if I could do the two weeks on $20.  We'll see how it goes. 

One handy tip I've learned about couponing:  I use most of my $1 or over coupons at Walmart, since the local grocery stores do not double coupons over $1.  The coupons for less than a dollar I save to use at the grocery stores, where I'll get twice as much off my purchase through double coupons, which often makes it less expensive than purchasing the item at discount stores and just getting the face value of the coupon.  It doesn't always work out that way, so I before I use some coupons, I'll do a little price checking to see where I'll get the better deal. 

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