Thursday, June 30, 2011


Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day weekend!  Friday is the start of the holiday weekend, although I have to work Friday and Saturday.  Looks to be a busy weekend for us at work, but I'm looking forward to shopping the 4th of July sales on Sunday and Monday. 

We've had a great few days with the stock market, July is coming in with a bang (pun intended), but I don't look for it to last.  So I'll be looking to get some deals on stock purchases in the month of July.  My first stock purchase for my IRA account will be Kraft Foods (KFT).  You already know the name and most likely, like myself, use a lot of their products.  Their dividend payout is a little over 3%, so they should make a great long term addition to my retirement account.  At the very least I've got 8 1/2 years before I can start taking distributions from the account, so I'm looking to add only stocks I feel comfortable holding for that length of time.  Kraft is definitely one of those stocks. 

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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