Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Here it is the first day of June, collected dividends from Conagra (CAG), Intel (INTC) and AFLAC (AFL).  Reinvested the dividend from AFLAC to purchase more shares, taking the dividends from Conagra and Intel to go toward purchasing shares in B & G Foods (BGS).  B&G had a dividend yield of 4.45% on their recent price of $19.11 and they turned more than 20 cents of each dollar in sales into profit, compared to 13 to 14 cents for Kraft and Nestle.  So I'm thinking they will be a good addition to my portfolio.  B&G is in the packaged food business, with such brands as Ortega taco shells and Polaner fruit spreads.  While it's a much smaller player than either Kraft or Nestle, they seem to have a knack for turning a profit.  I'll be adding B&G as a long term holding to my regular taxable portfolio.

The stock market took a dive today with the Dow ending 279.65 points lower or a drop of 2.22% based on fear of slowing recovery in world economies.  Pretty much what I was talking about in yesterday's post, although this summer's slowdown may be even more severe than usual.  With tremendous adversity comes tremendous opportunity for those who can stomach the risk.  I'll definitely be in the buying mode throughout the summer, should prices continue to decline. 

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