Friday, December 30, 2016


O.K., so I knew this was going to be the best month ever for dividend income.  But I was not expecting it to beat the previous record, set in July of this year, by over 30%!  This month's record was helped along by 32 dividend payments, the most I've ever received in one month.  Add to that a couple of special dividends and the first monthly dividend from GAIN and it was a sure bet to be a great month!

What makes it even greater is, the first of January is only a day away and I'll be kicking off the new year with another great round of dividends!  Although I'm only expecting 27 dividends in January, it should still be a good month, with three new monthly dividend payers (SPLV, FSC and CCD) all paying their first dividends.  The first goal of 2017 is to purchase two more monthly dividend stocks before the end of March to guarantee at least a one dividend payment per day for the new year.  From that point on, I'll be concentrating on increasing positions in the 5 star funds, going for quality holdings and boosting monthly income through reinvested dividends and additional cash purchases.

I'll be working New Year's weekend to get the double time pay for the holiday, so I'd like to wish everyone a say and Happy New Year's Eve!

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