Friday, December 2, 2016


Started the month of December off right with 9 great dividend payments and 23 more payments to come before the end of the month!  While I plan to reinvest all income for the month, it still makes for a very Merry Christmas season!  Still not sure what kind of Christmas bonus I'll receive this year, but I plan on investing at least half of it.  I've done this with all the other bonuses I've gotten at my current job, giving me 3 monthly dividends, one for each bonus.  It's like I get three bonuses every month since it was bonus money that purchased the three stocks to begin with.  I'll be happy to add a fourth.

Just got a big unexpected expense out of the way today, replacing all the tires on my car and getting an all wheel alignment.  I'm glad to be all set for winter driving, but I sure regret having to spend the money.  That being said, I shopped around and got a great price on the tires from Amazon.  Then I checked with several tire shops to find the least expensive place to have the work done, so I was happy about keeping the price down.  Also used my Chase Visa to pay for the work, so I'll collect rewards points good toward an Amazon gift card.  I always try to figure out a way to get as much, of the money I spend back, as I can.

Starting this month, I'll also see my first dividend from GAIN!  The 13 dividends per year from GAIN brings me up to a total of at least 312 per year to start off 2017!  With any luck, I'll be able to add another monthly dividend payer before the end of this month and kick off the new year with 324 dividends per year.

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