Friday, July 15, 2016


I haven't written about couponing in quite some time, which doesn't mean that I'm no longer using coupons.  On the contrary, I'm a firm believer in saving money on daily purchases to free up cash for saving and investing.  Just got back from my weekly grocery shopping, where I saved over 31% on my groceries with my customer loyalty card and digital coupons.  I don't get the big savings like the extreme couponers, but I routinely save anywhere from 25 to 40% or more by matching up coupons with sale items that I would normally buy anyway.  I do not buy items simply because there is a coupon or sale, but if it's something I buy on a regular basis, then it just makes sense to get the best price.  With the little effort I put in, I manage to keep my grocery budget for one person to $20 or less per week.  

On this trip alone, I saved a total of $7.86.  Sometimes I save more, sometimes less, but assuming an average of $7 per week, that adds up to $364 per year!  That's not a tremendous amount, but I'm only a single person household.  A family of 4 could easily save $1,456 a year or more!  No matter what I save, every little bit helps toward reducing debt and building my investments.  I rarely ever clip paper coupons anymore.  I'm saving this amount using digital coupons from my grocery store's website.  So if you're one of those people who think coupons aren't worth messing with, maybe you should give them a second look.  

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