Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Today's purchase of IGD shares will add an additional 12 dividend payments per year to my Roth IRA account.  This brings the total number of "dividend paydays" up to 276 per year, or a dividend every 1.322 days!  It would be simple to get from here to 365 dividends per year, meaning a "dividend payday" every day of the year.  I've decided to make this the main goal of my investment plan for 2017.  

Although I've made my first share purchases for my new 401 k account, I won't have any details on the number of dividends or income amounts these two funds will add to my overall investments until I receive my first statement.  I'm pretty excited about this account though, since deposit witholdings from my paycheck have had no significant impact on my net income.  Since contributions are taken out on a before tax basis, I'm basically building this account with money I would not otherwise have access to.

If I were to count payments from interest bearing accounts and paydays from work, I am already close to getting paid every day of the year.  However, my goal is to collect a dividend payment for every day, with any earned income or interest income being icing on the cake.  Yesterday's drop in the stock market has me thinking I may have been correct to withold dividend reinvestment at recent lofty prices.  I'm anxious to see how much stock prices will drop and am looking forward to picking up some bargains should it occur.  If there is a substantial pullback in stock prices, I will definitely go back to reinvesting all dividends.

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