Saturday, October 31, 2015


I know it's supposed to be tricks or treats, but the end of October has been good for my portfolio.  First, I pulled off a trick by doubling the total number of shares owned in my portfolio from the first of January to the end of October 2015.  Then, with the month ending on a weekend, I collected end of the month dividends on Friday and first of the month dividends today!  Couldn't have a better treat than that.

Collect 6 good sized dividends for the end of October, including my first dividend from recent purchase, DON!  For the beginning of November I collected 5 dividend payments which included increased payments from NCZ and PHK due to increased share purchases in both funds.

October, with it's 19 dividend payments, turned out to be the second highest month for dividends this year.  It also beat out October 2014, with over a 30% increase in monthly income!  The stock market ended down on Friday from the day before, but over all it wasn't a bad month.

I expect December to set the all time record in this new portfolio, with a total of 22 dividend payments for the month.  Not only is that the most dividends for any single month this year, but it will include special dividends from UVE and MAIN, if previous years are any indication.  They could always decide not to pay the special dividends this year, but I don't see that happening at this point.

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