Saturday, October 24, 2015


It's been a great week for gains in stock price gains for my portfolio!  MAIN, my most recent new addition is already in the black with a little more than a 3% gain.  DON continues to do well, up nearly 10% since my initial purchase.  Both are monthly dividend payers and will add nicely to monthly cash flows.  Put in an order to purchase additional shares of PSEC, which will triple my current holdings in the stock.  Not only will this move boost monthly income, but it will also reduce average price per share on PSEC.  They have a high payout ratio, but current income is sufficient to continue the monthly dividend at it's present 8 cents per share.  

Had a couple of dividend reductions recently on NCZ and PHK.  I'm kind of bummed about that, but they do pay monthly and I'm satisfied with the new payout amount, so I'll hold on to both of them for now.  May have to look at replacing them should the dividends continue to slide.

The recent run up in stock prices boosted my gains on UVE to over 500%!  While I'd normally be tempted to sell and collect the gains, my current dividend yield on the original price I paid for the stock is 8.2%, so I hesitate to part with a winning stock.  Not to mention that I pulled all my original cash invested, out of the stock, quite a while back and I'm essentially playing with the house's money here.  So even if the share price should slide some, the income from dividends is attractive since it's not tying up any money out of pocket.

With new positions I've taken out in the past year, I may have to adjust my 20 stock portfolio strategy to a 30 stock strategy, since I'm not really ready to part with any of my current holdings.  But I definitely have no plans to go over 30 investments, since it would make it much more difficult to keep track of performance.  I'll work all that out in my investment plan for 2016.  

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