Thursday, April 30, 2015


Dividend income for April 2015 increased by a little over 15% compared to April 2014!  Monthly income is down for the beginning of the second quarter, but it's nice to see overall income is still on the rise.  Doubled the monthly dividend from AOD with purchase of additional shares last month, so that should help offset reduction in income from some of my other investments.  The month ended with a bonanza of 5 dividend payments from AOD, SPHD, CLM, CRF, and UTG. 

Looking forward to the month of May.  Only collect 13 dividends for the month, but that still works out to one dividend payment every 2.4 days!  With the market being down at the end of April, reinvested dividends purchased more shares than I would have gotten otherwise.  Total shares owned increased 1% during the month of April with no additional cash out of pocket.  If there are no other stock split adjustments and this trend continues, I'll have increased total number of shares owned by 12% by the end of 2015 through reinvested dividends alone.  

When I started rebuilding my portfolio, I set out to create a cash machine and the plan seems to be working out quite well.  It's kind of taken on a life of it's own.  With each month's reinvested dividends, the number of shares increase, making the next months dividends higher, purchasing even more shares.  What could be better than that? 

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