Saturday, April 18, 2015


Ended the week with a drop in total portfolio value, if only a moderate one.  But collected two dividend payments for the week from ROYT and CLNY.  Been busy reading annual reports from several of my holdings, really liked what I read from CLNY although I don't think I'll add any additional cash investments.  Am building my position through reinvested dividends though.  With interest rates about to go up, I'm waiting to see what happens to REITs.  

Double my stake in ROYT last month and with a moderate increase of their dividend was happy to see monthly payment go up.  Of course until there is a recovery in oil prices I'm not expecting too much from ROYT.  But I think in the long run I'll do quite well.

Enjoying my new job and my income has improved.  Have been picking up more hours, which I hope will leave me with more to invest.  Still holding on to cash until I see how everything plays out.  Got to redo the budget to fit the new payroll schedule, but it hasn't been much of a problem so far.

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