Thursday, April 9, 2015


Just reviewed my portfolio and am pleased to see the total number of shares owned jumped 11% in the month of March!  That's 11% more shares to boost monthly cash flow from dividends.  I'm pretty excited about this.  The increase in shares owned are due to reinvested dividends and additional cash investments from tax refund and a small check from  While the dollar amount invested was not that much, it's the cash from the additional shares in the form of future dividends that gets me excited.  Put some money in and collect on it forever, what could be better than that.

I sometimes think about all the money I threw away over the years on way too many drinks in the bars, way too many cigarettes, way too many cars and expensive clothes that I could have done without.  Of course the saying is, "Live and Learn."  I did a lot of living and finally learned the difference between needs and wants.  If you concentrate on taking care of the things you really need and investing the rest of your income in cash producing assets, you can buy the things you want from the investment income instead of working yourself into the ground.

I've renewed my commitment to build my investment portfolio as rapidly as possible.  Then I'll have the dividend income to pay for the extra things I want without the guilt or stressing over money.  The new job will definitely help.  I'm getting more hours and it's a wonderful job with great coworkers.  It is also a job I'm proud of, as opposed to the last place I worked.  I was embarrassed to tell people I worked there.  Things are looking up for 2015!

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