Friday, April 24, 2015


When I set out to rebuild my investment portfolio I invested in only dividend stocks and funds.  The funds were to produce monthly cash flow, the stocks were to produce monthly or quarterly dividends with the possibility of growth in share price.  That's pretty much the way it's worked out.  The funds I invested in haven't done much in the way of share price gains, but they do provide a steady stream of cash each month.  The individual stocks provide cash dividends either monthly or quarterly, but they have also produced some impressive gains.

The top 7 gaining stocks in my 20 stock portfolio are:

1.  UVE  Up over 340%.  (I actually sold enough shares of UVE to get back all my original cash investment and it is still the largest holding in my portfolio.)

2.  RRD  Up 75%.

3.  LLY  Up 61%.

4.  GE   Up 49%.

5.  HWBK Up 26%.

6.  NYCB  Up 25%.

7.  WFC  Up 13%.

The remaining 13 stocks and funds in my portfolio are either showing small gains or losses or breaking even.  But with these type of gains from over one third of my investments and 192 dividend payments a year, I'm pretty happy with the results of my investment plan so far.

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